Charity and Social Enterprise Ultimate UK Content Planner

Compiles EVERY event, notable date and PR opportunity taking place in the UK across the charity sector. Perfect for those marketing within a charity or social enterprise.

Do you feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of digital marketing you have to coordinate day-to-day?

Frustrated that’s it’s not easier?

Desperate to avoid the embarrassment of missing another important industry event or notable day?

Beat the overwhelm and feel in control of your marketing again with an easy-to-use, beautifully designed, pre-researched Ultimate UK Content Planner.

How Does It Work?
The Ultimate UK Content Planners have been created in Google sheets – a live document that updates immediately with any edits without needing to save a new version each time – in a way that makes planning and creating content exceptionally easy for marketers and their teams.
Everything has been designed with integrated marketing in mind, allowing you to plan every part of your communications. Great care has been taken to include every marketing channel, including space for all social media networks, press releases, blogs, mailshots and influencer targeting. If you don’t see a channel you want to use, you can easily edit and customise the planner to accommodate any extra information you’d like to include.
Write your copy directly into the planner. Use it to sign off content. Easily copy and paste into your scheduling tools and put your expertly crafted content live with no fuss.
Bonus Features
With the additional bonus features included in every Ultimate Content Planner purchase, there’s no way you’ll be discarding it after two weeks, like many paper or blank planners.
You’ll get a place in my exclusive UK Content Planning Facebook group, where you can connect with other ambitious, like-minded digital marketers to bounce content ideas around, find help and advice and gain online support from a tribe of new friends.
You’ll have direct access and a new bff in Lea Rice, founder of the Ultimate UK Content Planners and all-around digital marketing genius.
You’ll be subscribed to my monthly email list for 12 months which will contain newly announced UK events throughout 2018, so your planner never goes out-of-date, and you always know where the action is.
Be the first to nab a seat on Lea’s bespoke webinars, workshops and training sessions.
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Please note that Due to the format of this product, no refunds can be issued after purchase.
Wait a minute, why the tax?!
Gumroad will add £7.80 to the price of this product, making the full price £46.80. The reason for this is that under UK tax law, digital products are taxed at the point of download. This covers that amount. I know it’s not ideal, but if you think of it as a monthly cost of £3.90 for a life-changing, time-making content planner… that’s pretty darn reasonable.
The Story of the Ultimate UK Content Planner

Digital Marketing Specialist, Lea Rice, created these planners after multiple frustrations in the working world and as a businesswoman who had many missions to accomplish – all of them on social media, and with only 24 hours in each day (Beyonce has found more than that I swear).

Realising there was nothing to properly plan digital marketing and communications in the UK, with paper planners quickly going out-of-date after a few uses and finding that free templates simply weren’t up to the job, she created something that had every single thing she needed.

What’s Included?
Something well designed but easy to use
One easy-to-update document that brings ALL of marketing channels (online and offline!) together in one place
The ability to painlessly collaborate  on digital marketing copy with the team members
Saving HOURS of researching events, notable UK dates and PR opportunities taking place in every sector.
And now, for 2018, here’s your answer to all of your digital marketing problems. Join my community and grab your content planner to gain a more zen, organised approach to all of your digital marketing, more white space in your life to work on bigger, better projects (or perhaps even a little more Me Time…) and simply enjoy what you do more. Because life is much too short to get Facebook anxiety at every moment of the day.
Hours of research have been undertaken to make sure every PR opportunity, notable UK date and industry-specific, real life event is listed in your content planner for every day of the year.
That means no more scrambling to create last minute content because relevant days of note/events have been missed. That embarrassment is long gone.
From the moment you get your planner link, you can start planning ahead to be digitally – or literally, if you like – present for trending topics and events. Take control of your brand’s presence by planning to show up in the right places with your awesome content, and know that you won’t miss the next one – the Ultimate Content Planner has your back.
Who is the planner for?
Business owners with no time for digital marketing.
Marketers / PR professionals / Digital specialists in full-time employment or self-employment.
Team leaders who are getting the rest of their organisation on board with social media management.
Bloggers who are trying to grow and monetise their blog.
How will this planner make your life better?
Content will be a pleasure, not a pain, to plan and prepare in advance and in a digitally integrated way.
You’re left with a fully functional and clear marketing plan that any amount of team members can work on.
Updatable live documents means all team members are only ever working in one place – nothing can slip through the gaps. No messing about with document versions saved in intranet folders.
Opportunities for online visibility become easy to take advantage of, and you can determine how far in advance you prepare the content for these.
Never miss a marketing opportunity.
Creates a stronger, more coordinated brand.
Gives you back hours otherwise spent on researching annual themes and proposed events, so you can concentrate on creating awesome content instead.
Harness your mornings; no more stress as you rush to push something out on social. Revel in taking control of your time because everything is already planned.
You’ll feel like you’re doing the very best that you can for your business’s digital marketing efforts.
You free up the time and space to get creative with your content and really make your social media posts fly.

Planners for other industries are available – see the full range

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